Mycratine Migraine Relief

May 28th, 2014

Mycratine Migraine Relief - Single Dose Bottle
Single Dose Bottle

Mycratine Migraine Relief - Label

Product Description:

Mycratine Migraine Relief is a fast-acting formula that activates neurological receptors in the brain to relieve migraine headaches. It does not contain any pain medication. Instead, it utilizes a patented SNRA nictotine molecule. This molecule, when delivered in small doses, provides fast-acting, long-lasting migraine relief.

“I’ve been a sufferer for many years and tired of the narcotics prescribed to me (which made me feel worse). Mycratin truly worked right away. I’ve tried almost everything, and Mycratin is the best performing relief with no side effects. Totally works for me.”

Price: $4.74 / dose

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