What Can Cause a Headache Over Your Left Eye?

March 1st, 2013

By: Chad Melius

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If you have never had a headache over the left eye, consider yourself lucky. Lots of people suffer from this condition. These headaches can come on very quickly and, for some people, they are excruciatingly painful. There are many possible triggers for them, and you can hope to get relief only through the process of elimination.

When did you start getting the headache over your left eye? You need to figure out when the condition started, so you have a reference point from which to conduct your investigation.

Was there a change in your vision? As we age our eyes may not see properly, and this diminished vision would lead to eyestrain and headaches over one, if not both, eyes.

Schedule an appointment with your local eye doctor for a checkup. This is a good habit to develop anyway. The eye doctor can detect a reduction in visual acuity, and prescribe corrective lenses that should take the strain off your eyes. If your headaches are gone after changing your glasses, then you have solved the problem.

If you have no problem with your vision, you should still visit your doctor, to see if you have a more serious condition. Your physician will check for lots of things like high blood pressure, which can cause headaches, as well as many other physical ailments. If you eat a lot of processed foods and get little to no exercise, then you are a candidate for developing high blood pressure.

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There are also allergies that could have an effect on you, but not bother other members of your household. Your doctor can performed an allergy test, to see if there are any compounds you are sensitive to. If so, perhaps removing them from your environment will help alleviate the headaches above your left eye.

If vision problems, high blood pressure, and allergies are not the answer to your headache problem, then it’s time to look at your current lifestyle. Some of us work too many hours, and don’t get enough sleep. If you are stressed about money or other matters, it can affect your health, and your body responds to this stress by developing a headache.

Try to simplify your life as much as possible. Discuss your problems with people you can trust. Sometimes just venting your frustrations to another person can provide you with some stress relief.

One thing is certain: having a headache over the left eye is not normal! … nor is it part of getting older. Your body is reacting to something negative, and the longer you take to treat it, the more painful your headaches will become.

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