What causes a headache above your right eye?

February 18th, 2012

By: Chad Melius

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We have all had an intense headache at some point during our lives. Headaches vary widely in terms of intensity and duration, but in fact we all know how to easily take care of an uncomfortable headache very quickly. The most common way to alleviate headache pain is to take an aspirin or a pill specifically made to attack the pain and discomfort.

In addition to knowing how to relieve the problem, we also know what the main causes are; stress, pressure, overeating, psychological needs and thoughts – all need to be considered when trying to prevent the pain caused by a headache.

However, there are specific types of headaches that are not eliminated by just swallowing a pill and taking a nap. This type of headache usually occurs above your right eye. So let’s examine its origin, nature, and precisely how to attack it so that you can be headache-free.

When you have a headache above the right eye, there are many possible things that could be causing it. But the causes of such a headache are vague and challenging to determine, according to the experts.

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Generally the most common causes are a problem within the eye itself, like an infection, injury, irritation, or even some major condition such as glaucoma or conjunctivitis. Allergies and inflammation of the sinuses can be aggravating, and also cause headaches and other internal pains. And last, but not least, your headache could be a severe migraine that is causing you to feel an acute sensation of pain.

But the real problem in diagnosing the cause of a headache over the right eye is that there is so much variability from person to person and from headache to headache that a probable cause is not at all easy to determine. The best recommendation given by online medical resources is to go to your physician in order to avoid guessing what the cause might be.

Once you explain the headache above your right eye to your doctor, he or she will examine you and diagnose the possible origin of your pain. The doctor can then prescribe what medications you should take, or techniques you should use to alleviate the pain, and whether or not it is a major condition that should be considered an emergency.

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Chronic headaches, such as those above the right eye, can cause severe and long lasting neurological disorders if they are not treated in time. If you experience a headache above your right eye, or a persistant headache anywhere above your neck, please consult your primary care physician as soon as possible, and take the prescribed treatment or steps needed with high discipline and determination.

You are the owner of your own body. You are aware of the problems that occur to your health. So you should also be conscientious enough to try to prevent any complications that could arise if those problems are not diagnosed or treated by a healthcare professional.

Don’t guess what the causes of the headache may be, or prescribe your own medication, if you don’t know what the nature of the problem is. Always consult your doctor, and take the steps necessary to live a healthy life, full of joy and happiness.

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